Mala Beads - Element collection of Yoga Jewellery Necklaces

Mala Prayer Beads have been used for thousands of years in the Vedic traditions of India for yoga, meditation, chanting & prayer. This Mala collection is inspired by the fivefold elements (mahābhūta) of Buddhism & Hinduism's sacred literature.These divine 5 Element Malas are handmade with love from 90 larger & faceted gemstones, 8mm wide. Each Mala holds specific healing & energetic qualities to nurture your soul & inspire you on your path. Green Agate is used for the element of EARTH, Amazonite for the element of WATER, Garnet for the element of FIRE, Clear Quartz for the element of AIR, Amethyst for the element of SPIRIT & we've added a 6th Element, Rose Quartz & Rhodochrosite for... LOVE