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Awaken your spirit with sacred jewellery to make the soul sing and harness the power of ancient knowledge, sacred geometry, spiritual symbols and healing gemstones. Heart Mala showcases a divine collection of Mala Prayer Beads, Rosaries, Yoga Jewellery, Goddess Necklaces and Sacred Geometry Charms with inner meaning to nurture your soul and inspire you on your path. Japa Mala Prayer Beads, used for meditation and prayer by Vedic mystics since the dawn of time are handmade at Heart Mala with loving intention for the modern Yogi by the Byron Bay designer Haidee Turner.  Every piece of sacred jewellery in the Heart Mala collection carries specific healing and energetic qualities. You may use these sacred jewels in your spiritual practice, healing or for the pure joy of wearing a necklace of beauty. We believe by simply wearing Sacred Jewellery, you are setting an intention to align with beauty, joy, healing and love.


The Designer - Haidee Turner  

My Story…

I have had a passion for creating unique hand crafted jewellery my whole life. I love to embrace colour & have always been drawn to gemstones & the magic of crystal medicine so I enjoy working predominantly with semi precious stones. I love to create jewellery that is not only beautiful but also healing in some way. I’m fascinated by ancient symbols & sacred geometry found in nature and seen at sacred sites around the world that hold powerful meanings & insight that we can tap into & utilize.

My love for creativity & design inspired a life of extensive travels, immersing in diverse tribal cultures and collecting gemstones and rare treasures for my creations. From these travels I have developed a deep interest in yoga, ancient wisdom, sacred geometry, earth magic and sacred symbols found in religious teachings and cultural traditions from around the world.

My jewellery is inspired by the sacredness of life.



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