Brass Kundalini pendant and carved Yogini Goddess on leather Necklace

This double sacred charm necklace is blessed with a brass twin serpent Kundalini pendant 5cm and a beautifully hand carved bone Yogini Goddess pendant 4cm long. These pendants dance together on a brass ring attached to chocolate suede leather which hangs lovely and long with adjustable sliding knots to be easily shortened if desired.

Embrace your inner Yogini with this hand carved bone Yoga Goddess pendant capturing the energy of peace and love as she sits in the lotus position, arms reaching high in prayer toward the heavens. The creatrix spiral on the womb of this Yogini Goddess charm symbolizes the powerful cycle of rebirth and the creation of life. By wearing a Goddess charm it is a reflection of your desire to honour your inner Goddess, empowering the divine feminine energy within you. By reconnecting to this Goddess energy you are strengthening your powers of intuition, healing, compassion, creativity and unconditional love. Aligning with your Goddess energy allows you to have the ability to live your dreams and travel a path of wholeness, happiness and fulfilment as your beautiful, loveable, wild, sacred and authentic self.

The double serpent symbolizes the powerful awakening Kundalini life force energy, Shakti, rising and passing through the chakras and along the central nadi, creating infinite bliss, healing and opening us to divine wisdom and self realization. Kundalini is the energy of our natural physical beingness, the life energy of each cell of the physical body. This powerful Shakti energy, Kundalini rising is the body's way of re-awakening to the truth of itself and the latent potential of the Feminine Principle of Creation.


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