YOGA FAIRY Silver earrings

These beautiful Yoga Fairy sterling silver plated earrings are 2cm long and have sterling silver earring hooks.

Embrace your inner Yogini and magical Fairy energy with this beautiful charm, capturing the essence of playfulness, peace and love as she sits, wings extended and meditating in lotus position. The “lotus pose” is named from the divinely beautiful and mystical lotus flower. Besides the reference to the similarity of the folded legs to lotus petals, the lotus holds special significance in reference to Yoga and Meditation. In the Vedic traditions of India the Lotus flower symbolizes purity, beauty, fertility, prosperity, and spiritual awakening. Though rooted in the mud, the lotus rises above to blossom in the sun. The divinely beautiful and mystical lotus flower is considered a symbol of purity as it emerges from murky waters unspoilt and unblemished thus its association with spiritual enlightenment. The symbolism of the lotus points to the purity of consciousness and the journey of transformation to awakening. The “lotus pose” gives you tremendous stability and concentration.


Category: Earrings


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