Triple Feather brass Pendant with Turquoise on suede Necklace

This gorgeous Triple Feather necklace is hand crafted with brass Eagle Feather charms on hand cut suede leather with Turquoise stones hanging from the back which can be easily lengthened as desired.

Eagle Feathers are associated with ascension and spiritual evolution and were worn by Native American Chiefs to symbolize their communication with Spirit, express their celestial wisdom and represent the power of air, wind and the thunder gods. Feathers were used to cleanse and clear energies and for sacred ceremony by Celtic Druids, associating the feather with divine knowledge and would wear feathered robes to communicate with the sky gods and gain knowledge of celestial realms.

Turquoise emanates a purifying energy that uplifts the spirit bringing peace of mind and enhances creativity, clarity, wisdom, communication skills and assists in expressing ones truth. Turquoise is also grounding and provides strength and protection during vision quests, astral travel and deep states of meditation.


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