Brass Tree Of Life & Turquoise Boho Suede necklace

This gorgeous Boho-chic necklace features a brass Tree Of Life sacred geometry charm and Turquoise hanging stones on suede leather. Hand crafted in sunny Byron Bay, this beautiful necklace has a silver bead slider which makes it easily adjusted to hang long or as a choker if desired.

The symbolism of the Tree contains multiple mythic qualities and has become a symbol of love, wisdom, rebirth, strength, forgiveness, friendship and prosperity and associated with ancestral heritage depicted in family trees. The Tree of Life is a Universal symbol found in many spiritual traditions around the world. It symbolizes life itself, the tree stands strong and reaches its branches into the light of "Father Sky" in the heavens and deeply-rooted in the fertile soil of "Mother Earth" connecting heaven and above so below. 

Turquoise emanates a purifying energy that uplifts the spirit bringing peace of mind and enhances creativity, clarity, wisdom, communication skills and assists in expressing ones truth. Turquoise is also grounding and provides strength and protection during vision quests, astral travel and deep states of meditation


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