Sterling Silver Hammered Loop Lakshmi Goddess Earrings

Stunning sterling silver handmade hammered Loop Lakshmi Goddess Earrings. These earrings have interchangeable charms available. Lakshmi or Laksmi, is the radiant Hindu Goddess of good fortune and abundance in all its forms; health, friendships, love, beauty, wealth, happiness... and encourages us to open to the universal flow of plenty.

Lakshmi is one of the most important deities in Hinduism and the romantic partner of Vishnu, protector of the universe. Lakshmi started appearing around the third century BC in sculptures found in north India and she became a favourite of kings as more people believed she was the bestower of power, prosperity and sovereignty. Her Abundance Mantra: “Om Maha Lakshmi Namo Namaha” …Bowing to Goddess Lakshmi for abundance in all facets of my life.


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