Spiral brass Pendant Necklace

This Sacred Charm is a beautiful handmade brass Spiral Pendant, 4cm long on black waxed cotton necklace with adjustable knots to lengthen as desired. 

In many ancient cultures and various mythologies the spiral has been a prominent symbol and found carved in stone at sacred sites and ancient primitive cave paintings. Celtic art, native American petroglyphs, Nazca earthworks,  Arabic architecture, Japanese rock gardens, Hindu spiritual texts, Australian aboriginal paintings and African art use the spiral symbol. Some meanings attributed to the spiral associate it with cosmic life force. Our galaxy is a spiral in a universe in constant motion, spiraling out infinitely in a cosmic dance. The spiral symbolizes expanding awareness, holistic growth and evolution, associated with the cycles of time, the seasons, the cycle of birth, growth, death, and then rebirth. In ancient Britain, the spiral was associated with the Goddess and divine feminine as the doorway to life, the spiral of creation. The spiral symbol was used to connect to the divine and union with cosmic energies in which the mind is released into altered states, connecting to profound realms of awareness. The spiral is seen throughout nature - in hurricanes and tornadoes, whirlpools, in the pattern of seeds in a sunflower, in the growing tips of ferns, vines, sea shells and the shape of the DNA molecule.


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