Snake Necklace Brass Kundalini Pendant

This Sacred Charm is a beautiful brass Snake pendant, 4cm long on a black waxed cotton necklace with adjustable knots to lengthen as desired.

The symbolic meaning of the snake in various cultures represents primordial life force. The snake is known as a symbol of secret knowledge and transformation and a powerful symbol of rebirth and renewal and believed to bring patience, balance, intuition, awareness, healing and protection.

The serpent also symbolizes the powerful awakening Kundalini life force energy, Shakti, rising and passing through the chakras and along the central nadi, creating infinite bliss, healing and opening us to divine wisdom and self realization. Kundalini is the energy of our natural physical beingness, the life energy of each cell of the physical body. This powerful Shakti energy, Kundalini rising is the body's way of re-awakening to the truth of itself and the latent potential of the Feminine Principle of Creation.

"Here we see his full power of transcendence, whereby the lower transcendence from underworld snake-consciousness, passing through the medium of earthly reality, finally attains transcendence to superhuman or transpersonal reality in its winged flight."

  --  "Ancient Myths and Modern Man" in Carl Jung's Man and his Symbols


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