Silver Pentagram Ring

This beautifully crafted sterling silver plated Pentagram Sacred Geometry Ring is easily adjusted to fit most adult finger sizes.

The Pentagram or pentacle is a five pointed star commonly used as a symbol of the interaction between the five elements. The upward point of the star is representative of the spirit and the other four points represent the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. The pentagram is also representative of the five points on the human body. In many pagan religions and followers of Wicca, the pentagram or pentacle is the symbol of the earth or the Goddess and is used in sacred ceremony in circle-casting rituals. Pythagorians considered the pentagram an emblem of perfection and was associated with the golden ratio (which it includes), and the dodecahedron, the fifth Platonic solid, which has twelve pentagonal faces and was considered by Plato to be a symbol of the heavens. The pentagram had a secret significance and power to the pythagoreans, and was used as a password or symbol of recognition amongst themselves. Ancient Solomonic texts of the Medieval period gave great importance to the pentagram, under the name "Solomon’s Seal" or the “seal of Solomon”. In medieval times the pentagram was also used as a symbol of health in the medical profession of the 16th century. There is also a connection with the pentagram and Christianity as many examples of the pentagram’s use can be seen in early Christian architecture, cathedrals and churches. The pentagram is also associated with divine feminine energy and the planet Venus. As Venus orbits the Earth, she makes a pentagram or 5 petal rose mandala known as the "Rose of Venus" (which happens to be the Heart Mala logo).

Wearing a pentagram is believed to be a potent symbol of protection, empowerment, health and good fortune.

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