Sacral Kundalini Chakra Symbol Yoga Necklace Brass Pendant

This gorgeous yoga necklace is blessed with a Sacral Kundalini Chakra symbol brass pendant. This symbol is used to balance & enhance the energy of the 2nd Chakra, which may have become depleted, helping stimulate the body's own healing process. This Chakra Necklace will help you feel physically, emotionally & spiritually balanced, energised & revitalised. 

The seven Chakras are energy centres in the body vital to our health & have a profound effect on all levels of our wellbeing & wholeness.

2nd, Sacral Kundalini Chakra

This Chakra relates to success & giving ourselves the freedom of self expression, expanding creativity, interests & activities. The Sacral Chakra symbol assists in bringing joy to our day and strengthens our appetite for life! This symbol is a powerful emotional stimulant, connects us to our senses and helps to remove inhibitions and makes us independent and social.

This beautiful Chakra Necklace is adjusted easily by sliding the knots to lengthen as desired.


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