Sacral Kundalini Chakra Symbol Silver Pendant Carnelian Agate Yoga Necklace

This gorgeous Sacral Kundalini Chakra Balancing yoga jewellery necklace is blessed with a 925 Sterling Silver Sacral Chakra symbol pendant & handmade from healing gemstones chosen for their ability to balance & enhance the energy of the 2nd Chakra, which may have become depleted, helping stimulate the body's own healing process. This Chakra symbol charm Necklace will help you feel physically, emotionally & spiritually balanced, energised & revitalised.  

The seven Chakras are energy centres in the body vital to our health & have a profound effect on all levels of our wellbeing & wholeness.

2nd, Sacral Kundalini Chakra - Carnelian Agate

This Chakra relates to success & self respect, giving ourselves the freedom to be ourselves & helps expand creativity, interests & activities. The Sacral Chakra symbol & Gemstones assist in bringing joy to our day and strengthens our appetite for life! 

Carnelian Agate is a powerful emotional stimulant, connects us to our senses and helps to remove inhibitions and makes us independent & social. A stone of ambition and drive known to increases physical energy, personal power, confidence, motivation, concentration, assertiveness, emotional warmth, creativity, compassion, memory, courage, happiness and self-esteem.

This beautiful Chakra Necklace is adjusted easily by sliding the bead at the back of the neck to lengthen as desired.


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