Rose Quartz Rosary Beads Necklace, brass Goddess pendant

Heart Mala Rosary Beads necklace handmade with loving intention from healing Rose Quartz gemstones with a central Mary Magdalene charm and the bottom is blessed with a beautiful brass Goddess pendant.

The loving energy of Rose Quartz brings healing to emotional wounds with it's gentle calming energy. Rose Quartz balances and opens the heart chakra with soft, loving, nurturing vibrations promoting self love and bringing calm and peacefulness to relationships.

Mary Magdalene is one of the most influential symbols in the history of Christianity. It is believed by some that In order to protect its patriarchal foundations, the early Church obscured the matriarchal tradition of Mary Magdalene. Shortly after Jesus died, Mary had a powerful experience of the living Jesus and, as a consequence, became the first apostle of Christianity. The Gnostic Gospels claim that Mary was a leader, teacher, visionary and especially favoured by Jesus because of her holiness. The Gospel of Mary of Magdalena, a 2nd century gospel that was discovered in the 19th century and not published until 1955, shows Mary to be the apostle to whom Jesus revealed deep theological insights and personal knowledge and teachings.

The Earth Goddess or Mother Earth was worshiped by ancient cultures as the divine creatrix of the universe. She was seen as a living, breathing, all sustaining entity that loves, nurtures, nourishes and supports life in all its forms. By wearing a Goddess charm it is symbolic of your desire to connect with Mother Earth and also with your inner Goddess, empowering the divine feminine energy within you. By reconnecting to this Goddess energy you are strengthening your powers of intuition, healing, compassion, creativity and unconditional love. Aligning with your Goddess energy allows you to have the ability to live your dreams and travel a path of wholeness, happiness and fulfilment as your beautiful, loveable, wild, sacred and authentic self.

The sacred charm at the bottom is connected with a hook so it can be interchangeable, giving you the freedom of choice. Contact Us  if you would like to swap it for a different charm from the Heart Mala Sacred Charm collection. Each of our Rosary Beads carry specific healing and energetic qualities. You may also like to see the gemstone meanings to read about the other healing beads that will nurture your soul and inspire you on your path.



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