Root Chakra Symbol Yoga Necklace Silver Pendant

This gorgeous yoga necklace is blessed with a Root Chakra symbol Sterling Silver plated pendant. This symbol is used to balance & enhance the energy of the 1st Chakra, which may have become depleted, helping stimulate the body's own healing process. This Chakra Necklace will help you feel physically, emotionally & spiritually balanced, energised & revitalised.

The seven Chakras are energy centres in the body vital to our health & have a profound effect on all levels of our wellbeing & wholeness.

1st, Root Chakra

This Chakra relates to self awareness, survival, courage, stability, will power & connection to the earth. The Root Chakra symbol awakens and opens the base chakra allowing the activation and vitality necessary to pursue ones goals. This symbol assist grounding & aligning with the natural forces of the earth, to energise on all levels, connecting us to our life force, healing & strengthening the physical body.

This beautiful Chakra Necklace is adjusted easily by sliding the knots to lengthen as desired.


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