Pearl, Clear Quartz Mala Beads Yoga necklace WHITE TARA

Divinely feminine Mala Beads yoga necklace handmade and hand knotted with loving intention from 108 precious Pearls, Clear Quartz, Mother of Pearl and Sterling Silver plated beads with a beautiful pure white large pearl guru bead. The pure white light energy of the sacred mala is inspired by The White Tara, known for her compassion, longevity, healing, serenity and wisdom. The White Tara can be called upon in tumultuous times to bring stillness, centering, inner strength and self-mastery. The mantra of the White Tara is: OM TARE TUTARE TURE MAMA AYURPUNYE JNANA PUTIN KURU SVAHA. (Ohm Tahray Totahray tooray mahmah ahyoopoonyay jahnah pooteen kooroo swah hah).

Pearls have been called "teardrops of the moon" enhancing compassion, purity, integrity and feminine empowerment, encouraging fertility and stimulating the mind and increasing clarity and wisdom. Pearls provide a deeply centering energy assisting in attaining advance states of wisdom and a clear channel for divine guidance through meditation.

Associated with the Crown Chakra, Clear Quartz enhances the clarity, focus and amplification of thoughts and intentions assisting in manifesting them into physical reality. Clear Quartz harmonizes and activates all energy centers of the body and aligns thoughts, consciousness, emotions with the universal energy, said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul.

Mother of Pearl is believed to attract fortune, happiness and abundance to anyone who owns it and is often given to loved ones to wish them good luck and prosperity in life.

These sacred prayer beads are blessed, cleansed and activated by the five elements. Each of our sacred mala necklaces carry specific healing and energetic qualities. You may also like to see the gemstone meanings to read about the other healing beads that will nurture your soul and inspire you on your path.



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