OM Lava Mala Prayer Beads Mens yoga necklace

This powerful OM Lava Mala yoga necklace, popular in our mens Mala prayer beads range is handmade with loving intention from 108 healing gemstones of grounding Lava Stone and silver beads & blessed with a sterling silver plated OM pendant. Lava stone is porous so can be used in aromatherapy for infusing essential oils. To use essential oils with lava bead diffuser jewellery, simply add a drop or two of your favorite oils and rub them into the lava beads. Each of our Mala Necklaces tell a story & carry specific healing & energetic qualities.

Lava stone has within it the energy of fire & earth because it was once in the elemental form of fire and now transmuted to the element of earth. Lava stone can be very useful for those needing to feel more decisive, confident and strong. With it's grounding energy, Lava stone may assist in developing stronger connection to the earth and It can also be beneficial for those who feel they are "too fiery", by bringing a natural balance with the blending of earth's grounded energies.

Considered the most sacred syllable in the Vedas is the  "OM " or  “AUM ".  According to ancient Vedic belief, in the beginning there was sound, which reverberated as OM and from that sound everything came into existence, the primeval sound, the first sound of the universe, the sound of creation itself. The vibration produced by chanting OM in the physical universe corresponds to the original vibration that first arose at the time of creation. The sound of OM is also called Pranava, meaning that it sustains life and runs through Prana or breath. The sound OM is actually a combination of four parts: a ("ah"), or wakefulness; u ("oh"), the dream state; m ("mmm"), the quietness of deep, dreamless sleep; and the silence that follows, which represents pure consciousness. As yogis will attest, the vibrations of om help settle the mind in a profound way. The OM mantra is visually interpreted as the Sri Yantra Mandala, the most revered of all the Hindu Yantras. The Sri Yantra is the symbol of divine feminine energy intersecting divine masculine energy, the balance of yin and yang and the cosmic spiritual union of Shiva and Shakti, the highest ultimate force in the Tantric form.

Wearing a Sacred OM symbol assists aligning with the creative force of the universe and one-ness of all existence and attuning of individual consciousness with the harmony of universal consciousness develops. Powerfully healing, strengthens relationships, enhances peace, happiness, empowerment and alignment with the Universal flow of plenty.

These sacred prayer beads are blessed, cleansed and activated by the five elements. Each of our sacred mala necklaces tell a story and carry specific healing and energetic qualities; you may like to see the Gemstone meanings to read about these semi precious stones that will nurture your soul and inspire you on your path. Please feel free to Contact us for custom made mala designs with your stones of choice.


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