October Birthstone Strawberry Quartz Necklace on sterling silver chain

This gorgeous October birthstone necklace features a faceted Strawberry Quartz gemstone in a sterling silver setting which hangs tantalizingly on a sterling silver chain with an adjustable extension to be worn as a choker or lengthen as desired.

Although not a traditional birthstone, Strawberry Quartz is an ideal birthstone for the month of October and also for romantic Librans. Strawberry Quartz embodies a powerfully love vibration and has a strong energy to stimulate a flow of happiness and joy. It can help to bring more love and positivity into your life. Strawberry Quartz can help to heal emotional wounds, is calming and believed to soothe the soul. Strawberry quartz is also known for its ability to attract abundance into your life. Whether that's in the form of money or love or happiness, strawberry quartz has the ability to help you transform your life and might even draw new love into your life.


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