Goddess Venus Love Star Sacred Geometry Gold plated necklace with Zircon diamond centre

Goddess Venus Love Star 18k Gold plated sacred geometry necklace with a sparkling zircon diamond in the centre. This stunning pendant hangs on a gold plated adjustable chain with faceted clear quartz gemstones at the back clasp. The origin of the eight-pointed star dates back to ancient times. The first recorded use of the symbol was by the Babylonians around 3000 BC. They used it as a decorative motif on their pottery and jewellery and the symbol was associated with their goddess Ishtar. Goddess Ishtar was equated with the Greek Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love known also as the Roman Goddess Venus. The eight-pointed star later appeared in Ancient Egypt, where it was associated with the Goddess Isis. This Goddess Venus Love pendant will surely attract bountiful blessings of Love into your life.

Zircon is known to be a grounding stone that inspires and motivates and gives guidance when guidance is needed, therefore helping to achieve one's goals. It is also said to clear negative energy and has a protective aura. Other properties attributed to zircon are that it can attract wisdom, success and wealth.


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