Four Directors Cross Brass Pendant necklace

This Sacred Charm is a Four Directions Cross symbol pendant handmade from brass, 3.5cm long on a black waxed cotton necklace with adjustable knots to lengthen as desired. 

The Celts aligned the four directions with the correspondences of East being Air, South - Fire, West - Water and North -Earth.

Lakota tribes assign characteristics to the Cardinal points with North as wisdom, East as redemption, South as inceptions and west as closings.

Various mystical traditions use the four Cardinal directions as an element of spells, rituals, crafting amulets and in divination. The feeling is that the energy of Earth’s magnetic field influences and, indeed, empowers such undertakings.

In Wicca, the traditional corresponding directions are as follows;

North: the Earth Element, season of winter, time of midnight, the new moon

East: the Air Element, season of spring, sunrise and the waxing moon

South: the Fire Element, season of summer, noon and the full moon

West: the Water Element, the season of Autumn, dusk and the waning moon.



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