Four Cornered Celtic Knot silver Pendant necklace

This Sacred Charm is a beautiful sterling silver plated Four Cornered (Quaternary) Celtic Knot pendant, 2.5cm long on a black waxed cotton necklace with adjustable knots to lengthen as desired.

The Four-Cornered (Quaternary) Celtic Knot is an emblem of Brigid, also known as the Queen of the Four Fires a she demonstrates her four-branched wisdom of hand, hearth, head and heart. ... There are also legends that the four-cornered Celtic knot design was created as a symbol for protection.

When considering the natural world, the Celts found much symbolism, so the quaternary design could also have been representing each of the four physical elements: Earth, water, air, and fire. Quaternary knot designs can be indicative of the four directions โ€“ North, South, East, and West and/or the four seasons.

The four knot design is especially recognized because of the four distinct sections within the design. Without a beginning or an end, these knots demonstrate cyclical paths and the connection between all that is natural and eternal.


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