Crescent Moon rectangle pendant Sterling Silver necklace with pearls

Crescent Moon 925 Sterling Silver rectangle pendant on an adjustable sterling silver chain with a fresh water Pearl at the back. Depicted in this lunar pendant is the new moon or crescent moon, also known as the Shiva Moon, encouraging new beginnings, setting clear intentions, clarifying goals, starting new projects or dreams you wish to set into motion. We are reminded to reflect on the cyclical nature of reality, how every beginning is an end, and how we are in a constant relationship with the filling up and pouring out that life asks of us.
Because of the moon's connection to water and the tides, it is said to represent our emotional being, intuition, instincts, the subconscious mind and the moon can also have an influence on how moods are expressed. In most ancient cultures and spiritual traditions, the Moon is associated with the divine feminine and female deities. It was observed that the luminous moon diminished and grew in time with a woman's own cycles. Goddesses associated with lunar energy are Diana ~ powerful nature Goddess and Roman Protector of women and animals, Artemis ~ Greek hunter Goddess and Hecate ~ Greek goddess of cycles including birth, intuition and magic. In addition to representing the divine feminine, in spirituality, the Moon is also associated with enlightenment, insight, illumination and our capacity for reflection and adaptation.

Pearls have been called "teardrops of the moon" enhancing compassion, purity, integrity and feminine empowerment, encouraging fertility and stimulating the mind, increasing clarity and wisdom. Pearls provide a deeply centering energy assisting in attaining advance states of wisdom and a clear channel for divine guidance through meditation.

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