Borromean Rings Brass Pendant necklace

This Sacred Charm is a beautiful small handmade brass Borromean Rings pendant, 2cm long on a black waxed cotton necklace with adjustable knots to lengthen as desired.

The Borromean rings are named after the Italian House of Borromeo, who used the circular form of these rings as a coat of arms, but designs based on the Borromean rings have been used in many cultures, including by the Norsemen and in Japan. They have been used in Christian symbology as a sign of the Trinity. Borromean rings appear in nature as linked DNA or other molecules, and they have analogues in the Efimov state and Borromean nuclei, both of which have three components bound to each other although no two of them are bound.

In mathematics, the Borromean rings are three simple closed curves in three-dimensional space that are topologically linked and cannot be separated from each other, but that break apart into two unknotted and unlinked loops when any one of the three is cut or removed.


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