Aries star sign Zodiac necklace Gold plated

Aries star sign Zodiac 18k Gold plated necklace, handcrafted in a hammered antique coin style with the Aries star sign on one side and the star constellation of Aries on the other so the pendant can be worn reversible. Aries belongs to those born between the dates of March 21st and April 19th. The zodiac symbol charm hangs on a nickel-free rose gold coloured enamel chain which is adjustable in length and also has two tiny faceted bloodstone birthstone gemstones.

Aries Zodiac Sign Traits ♈️ 

Aries, a fire sign and represented by the ram is the first sign of the zodiac and are the free thinking independent trailblazers with a positive, passionate and motivated nature which drives them to create the dream life they envision. Impulsive, competitive, confident, smart and loyal, those drawn to magnetic Aries may find it hard to keep up but if they can, they’ll have a friend for life. 

Bloodstone birthstone meaning: For vitality and also clears negative energy, bloodstone supports that fine positive energy that makes Aries who they are. With Aries leadership qualities and fiery passion, bloodstone ensures that the Aries stay riding high on that wave of courage without losing their footing. As Aries love to take the direct path when it comes to their approach, bloodstone keeps them connected to the heart.

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