Pink Tourmaline gemstone bracelet with gold beads

This divinely feminine faceted Pink Tourmaline gemstone bracelet is handmade with 18k Gold plated beads and adjustable gold chain. Pink Tourmaline is a stone of love, compassion, emotional healing and self love. It helps calm emotions in times of distress. Pink Tourmaline creates a direct pathway between the Base Chakra and Heart Chakra making it a phenomenal tool for devotional practices that require one to be both grounded and heart-centered. Pink Tourmaline is also a stone of great courage, helping us to dare to surrender fully to the Divine and to the awesome power of Love. It is one of the very best heart-cleansing stones and invites us to nourish loving consciousness in every aspect of our life. Pink Tourmaline inspires passion, loyalty and respect. It can be used to attract new romantic relationships, as well as to stimulate existing ones, and helps us to be friendly, charming, tactful and practice radical self love.

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