Nautilus Shell Sacred Geometry Silver Earrings

These beautiful Nautilus Shell Sacred Geometry Earrings are sterling silver plated, 2cm wide and have sterling silver earring hooks.

The Nautilus Shell is a symbol of proportional perfection reflecting the natural beauty and harmony of nature. The Sacred Geometry design is seen as its cycles of growth create a series of chambers that are arranged in a precise Golden Mean spiral. The Golden Mean is represented by the Greek letter Phi, is one of those mysterious natural numbers that arises from the basic structure of our cosmos. The Nautilus Shell unfolds and grows larger with each revolution completing a cycle of evolution and spiral of Phi. Sacred Geometry is the primordial pathway of creation, the holistic blueprint of nature and a way that energy manifests in the universe. From the molecules of our DNA to the galaxy we spiral within, life and it's forms emerge out of geometric codes. The Golden Mean Spiral is symbolic of life’s unfolding mysteries.

The Nautilus Shell is a symbol for expansion and renewal, balance, beauty and continual growth. Wearing a Nautilus Shell Pendant can illicit joyful feelings, bring harmony and balance to the mind, create greater awareness, increase intuition, creativity and healing.

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