Brass Celestial symbols Sun Moon Earth linked yoga necklace with moonstone

This gorgeous celestial necklace of the ancient symbols for Sun, Moon and Earth is handcrafted from brass with a gemstone drop of Moonstone and hangs beautifully from an adjustable gold plated chain. This Cosmic necklace reminds us that we are all made of stardust!

We are connected to the life cycles of the earth, the planets and the stars more than we might think. Everything in the universe, the sun, moon, earth and all within us originated from stardust and still continually flows through us. The chemical elements that shape the breadth of creation also form our galaxy, our planet and even the cells of our bodies. We are literally made of stardust.

The galaxy and the movement of the sun, moon and various planets undoubtedly hold an influence over us. The astronomical symbols date back to antiquity appearing in ancient Greek papyri and were also used in alchemical text.

The Sun ~ is associated with personality and how you identify and express yourself. In ancient alchemy practices the sun represented gold.

The Moon ~ governs the emotional being, intuition, instincts, the conscious mind and how you express your moods and emotions. In ancient alchemy practices the moon represented silver.

The Earth ~ symbol of Life. Earth is the element of stability and the realm of wisdom, knowledge, strength, growth, prosperity, fertility, and mother of all things. The circle symbolizes the globe; the Earth itself and the cross symbolizes the four directions. 

The lunar energy of Moonstone enhances the feminine aspect of ones nature of loving compassion, tenderness, intuition, creativity, introspective and reflection. Moonstone is balancing, calming and encourages deeper understanding of feelings and emotions

The grounding influence of Onyx assists one in centering, enhancing self control, strength and wise decision making and promotes the balancing of yin yang energies. Onyx assists in releasing the past and old belief patterns and is ideal for those needing support in letting go of unhealthy emotional entanglements, attachments that no longer serve and clearing away the obstacles that stand in the way of our highest potential. 

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