brass Merkaba charm bracelet with Moonstone

This gorgeous boho chic bracelet is hand crafted featuring a brass Merkaba sacred geometry charm and healing Moonstone gemstone. There's a small stylish hand made sky blue cotton tassel hanging next to the gemstone and the bracelet is made from hand twisted super strong black nylon thread & easily adjusted to fit most adult sized wrists by pulling the end brass beads.

The Merkaba is believed to hold within it’s matrix the secrets of manifest creation and a vehicle of ascension. In ancient Egyptian "Mer" means Light, "Ka" means Spirit, "Ba" means Body,  an interdimentional vehicle where the spirit/body is surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, wheels within wheels, to transport from one dimension to another. The Merkaba consists of two equally sized interlocking tetrahedra triangles where one points up and the other down. The upward pointing triangle represents the divine masculine energy and the downward pointing triangle the divine feminine energy, as they interlock, the Merkaba holds the tantric energy of divine union. It is believed that by meditating upon the Merkaba energy field surrounding our body, we can create a portal to higher levels of consciousness and enlightenment. This ancient symbol of sacred geometry is also a three dimensional Star of David. Wearing the Merkaba charm is believed to maintain the integrity of ones energy field, repels negativity, protects, empowers, heals and maintains a strong immune system.

The lunar energy of Moonstone enhances the feminine aspect of ones nature of loving compassion, tenderness, intuition, creativity, introspective and reflection. Moonstone is balancing, calming and encourages deeper understanding of feelings and emotions.



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