AIR ELEMENT MALA BEADS yoga necklace Clear Quartz

Inspired by the Element of Air, this divine AIR MALA prayer beads necklace is handmade with love from 90 large and faceted gemstones of healing Clear Quartz (8mm wide) with a pure white tassel. Feel the pure power of the Air Mala...

Earth, my Body. Water, my Blood. Air, my Breath & Fire, my Spirit.

Air is associated with intelligence and matters of the mind and is also connected to the soul and the breath of life. Its fundamental importance to life can be seen in words such as aspire, inspire, and spirit, all derived from the Latin spirare. To the Chinese, Air is associated with "Qi" energy, which is believed to be part of every living thing that exists as life force or spiritual energy. Air is the element to focus on when communication skills are required or if there is a need for inner wisdom or powers of the mind.

Clear Quartz is associated with the Crown Chakra and therefore enhances the clarity, focus and amplification of thoughts and intentions assisting in manifesting them into physical reality. Clear Quartz also harmonizes and activates all energy centers of the body and aligns thoughts, consciousness, emotions with the universal energy, said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul. 

These sacred prayer beads are blessed, cleansed and activated by the five elements. Each of our sacred mala necklaces carry specific healing and energetic qualities... You may also like to see the gemstone meanings to read about the other healing beads that will nurture your soul and inspire you on your path.

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