Sun Brass earrings small

These small Sun earrings are handmade in brass, 1.5cm long and have brass earring hooks.
The Sun symbolizes the supreme cosmic power, the life-force that enables all things to thrive and grow. In some cultures, the Sun is the Universal Father. The sun represents life, influence, strength and will power.
The Sun symbol is also associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra relating to wisdom, clarity, self esteem and self worth. How we feel about ourselves and how we feel others perceive us. The Solar Plexus energy enhances clarity of thought, increases awareness, stimulates interest and curiosity and the ability to perceive and understand. It also enhance confidence, alertness, optimism, ambition and drive, increasing physical energy, personal power, motivation, concentration, assertiveness, precision, emotional warmth, sociability, creativity, compassion, individuality, memory, courage, action, and happiness.

Category: Earrings


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