Smokey Quartz, Onyx & Cherry Quartz mala beads yoga necklace DIVINE UNION

Mala prayer beads yoga necklace handmade and hand knotted with loving intention from 108 healing gemstones of Smokey Quartz, Onyx, Cherry Quartz and Sterling Silver beads with a Sterling Silver Rose guru bead. This Mala encourages the divine union of sacred relationships with it's rosy heart opening, loving, supportive and grounding vibration. The energy of this Sacred Mala may assist in allowing a softening into those places that need healing and encouraging a deeper recognition of the self reflected so perfectly in the other while listening with an open heart and communicating from a place of self awareness. This mala is ideal for those wanting to create loving, joyful, supportive, nurturing relationships... with family, friends, with a lover... and especially with ourselves.

The Rose relates strongly to love, romance, passion, sensuality, faith, honor and beauty. It is claimed in folklore that both Aphrodite who was the Greek Goddess of Love, and Venus who was Aphrodite’s Roman equivalent, revered the rose and was often depicted adorned with them around her body. The rose symbolizes an immortal love or a union that will never fade. The rose expresses promise, new beginnings, hope, wisdom and timelessness and evokes feelings of self love, compassion, tenderness and the generous giving and receiving of Love...

"The real bliss is how much you love yourself. When you start to love yourself, you can love somebody else”  Sri Kaleshwar

Smokey Quartz has a gentle grounding energy that instills balance and harmony, and can help bring peace, enhancing quiet reflection during meditation without the interference of the thinking mind.

Onyx assists one in centering and aligning with the higher powers, enhancing self control, strength and wise decision making and promotes the balancing of Yin/Yang, Shiva/Shakti energies. Onyx assists in releasing the past and old belief patterns and also supports the letting go of unhealthy emotional entanglements, attachments that no longer serve and clearing away the obstacles that stand in the way of deeper connection with ourselves and others.

Cherry Quartz is created by the fusion of cherry coloured melted glass and powdered Quartz Crystal which enhances focus, intention and clarity around relating to oneself, others and the divine. Cherry Quartz assists is soothing emotional wounds and healing the heart with its nurturing, calming rose pink ray, the colour of universal love which opens the heart inspiring warmth and comforting feelings of self love.

These sacred prayer beads are blessed, cleansed and activated by the five elements.

Each of our sacred mala necklaces carry specific healing and energetic qualities.. You may also like to see the gemstone meanings to read about the other healing beads that will nurture your soul and inspire you on your path.


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