Flower of Life Boho Necklace Turquoise & Tigers Eye

Flower Of Life Boho Necklace handmade with love from healing gemstones of Turquoise, Tigers Eye, Cowrie Shells and wooden beads. This gorgeous necklace features a large Turquoise stone, brass Flower of life charm & a soft white feather with a hand cut suede turquoise tassel.

The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol & can be found in many religions & cultures of the world & one of the oldest sacred symbols known to man. The oldest being found in Egypt at the Temple of Osiris which is at least 6000 years old. The Flower of Life has deep spiritual meaning & is believed to contain the patterns of creation as they emerged from the Great Void. Meditating upon this symbol of Sacred Geometry and wearing the Flower of Life charm has been known to have powerful healing benefits, helps overcome fears, assists in connecting to the higher self, stronger self awareness & provides a pathway to enlightenment. 

Turquoise emanates a purifying energy that uplifts the spirit bringing peace of mind and enhances creativity, clarity, wisdom, communication skills and assists in expressing ones truth. Turquoise is also grounding and provides strength and protection during vision quests, astral travel and deep states of meditation

Tigers eye is a powerful grounding stone assisting one in becoming practical, attaining  goals, stimulates wealth and abundance and enhances the stability required to maintain it. Tigers Eye balances emotions, bringing "light", insight, solar energy, brightness and optimism when needed and increases ones passion for life. Tigers Eye assists in increasing kundalini energy, clarity of mind, psychic abilities, intuition and provides balancing of the yin-yang energy, soothing and bringing calmness to unsettled situations.

Feathers are associated with ascension and spiritual evolution and used by ancient cultures to clear & cleanse energies. Feathers were worn by Native American Chiefs for communication with Spirit & to gain celestial wisdom. Feathers were also used for prayer and sacred ceremony and Celtic Druids associated the feather with celestial knowledge and would wear feathered robes to communicate with the sky gods.


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